AI industry certifications

Overview of AI industry certifications

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News and reports on data and AI ethics. Subscribe link at the bottom of the page.

Eye on A.I.

Weekly newsletter from Fortune, a major story and smaller news. You might get Fortune marketing emails.

Import AI

Author's commentaries for each news item, with links to research. There's a short futuristic story every week.

MIRI Newsletter

Research and Math, with focus on the AI Aligment problem. Monthly.


News and commentaries, links. Weekly. In Italian.


Links, small commentaries, current events list and job opportunities.

The Algorithm

MIT's paid AI newsletter. News, commentaries and original stories from a reputable source.

The Gradient

One item per issue, with an excerpt and a link to the full article. Publishing schedule is erratic.


Commentaries, news and info on investments in AI. There's a free edition and a paid one.


Newsletter on machine learning. One story every week.

Your guide to AI

Started in 2015. One issue per month. Selection of news, commentaries and a focus on AI-related investments.

YouTube Channels


Breaks down complicated statistics and ML methods into small, bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand.

Yannic Kilcher

Artificial intelligence concepts made easy. A couple of videos per week.

Abhishek Thakur

Hands-on videos on how to approach several ML topics. Usually 10-20 mins long, with some >1hr. Hands-on guest videos as well.


Artificial Intelligence and you

Weekly episode, with intervies to guests. Started in 2020. Episodes are 30'ish minutes.

Tony Hoang’s AI Podcast

Started 2021, frequent episodes, few minutes per episode.

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Must-have books

Nice-to-have books